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Create a quiz
Collect leads
Engage your audience

Excite your users with 15 quiz, personality test, and poll formats. Create a quiz, then qualify and segment leads based on quiz responses. Easy – no coding required.


What types of quiz or poll can I make?

Create a quiz, personality test, or 15 poll, survey, and quiz formats

Engage your audience with a huge range of quizzes – including personality tests, polls, surveys, and more! (Learn more)

Can I collect emails in my quiz?

Connect your marketing software

Make a quiz and easily send all leads to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, or any other marketing tool. (Learn more)

Is it easy to put a quiz on my site?

Publish anywhere

Your Riddle quiz will work in any site or CMS, from WordPress to Wix, Squarespace to Shopify. If you know how to add a YouTube video, you can embed your quiz. It’s that easy. (Learn more)

Can I make quiz lead forms?

Create your own lead forms

Add a lead generation form to your quiz. Collect the data you need with over 15 fields. With an intuitive drag/drop functionality, our form builder is quick and easy to use. (Learn more)


Is collecting quiz leads allowed?

GDPR-compliant quiz maker

Collect quiz leads safely – Riddle’s online quiz creator is fully GDPR-compliant, and meets global privacy regulations like California’s CCPA and the EU’s GDPR. (Learn more)


Can I send personalized emails to quiz takers?

Convert more customers

Automatically send personalized marketing messages, based on each quiz taker’s responses. (Learn more)


Could I place my own ads?

Tailor quizzes to your goals

Want to collect leads? Grow your audience? How about run your own in-quiz ads?

Riddle’s quiz toolkit is flexible – designed for the modern marketer.

Can I add my own tracking pixels?

Measure your marketing with Facebook pixels & Google Tag Manager

Improve your marketing – track your quiz conversions using Facebook Pixels, Google Tag Manager, and more. Make a quiz, then measure who starts, finishes, and completes your lead forms. (Learn more)


How many quizzes or leads do I get?

"No limit" pricing - seriously.

All our online quiz maker plans are completely unlimited – with no caps on how many people take your quiz or fill in your lead form. (Learn more)


Can I cancel at any time?

30 day moneyback guarantee

No set up fees or long-term contracts. Sign up is easy – and you can cancel our test maker any time.

Your quizzes will always stay live on your site – even if you cancel. (Learn more)